About Magic Happens

Daniella Cippitelli, President & founder of the Magic Happens Foundation, was diagnosed with cancer in 2010. After painful surgery where a portion of her ribs was removed, and radiation, she survived. Besides fighting to be around for her two young children; there was one more thing that got her through it:


Daniella stayed active through all of her treatments. Whether it was walking through the halls of the hospital, wheeling her IV, or walking slowly on a treadmill, she kept fitness in her life. And she kept her diet healthy, despite every excuse to do otherwise.

The hospital was filled with other people who were sick and depressed. Her family was heartbroken over her condition. Her treatments caused her physical, emotional & spiritual pain.

Fitness was the only thing that gave her release, escape, and inspiration.

It was outlet for the stress that treatments produce. And it let her focus on something positive, adding hope and invigoration to her life.

As she recovered, her fitness efforts increased. She lifted weights, added cardio, and increased the intensity. Today, Daniella continues to take kickboxing classes with the company she co-founded, iLoveKickboxing.com.

From her intensity, athleticism, and ability – you’d never know what she’s lived through.

Now, Daniella wants to bring fitness to others who are going through the same painful process she went through. With such an emphasis on rest and relaxation for cancer patients, few people realize the power in fitness.

Magic Happens Foundation was created to bring empowerment to cancer patients through fitness. Patients receive exercise and guidance based on what they’re able to do. They’re encouraged, motivated and inspired every step of the way.