Life Inspired

After running her first half marathon as a charity fundraiser for the foundation, Founder Daniella Cippitelli flew almost immediately to Columbus, Ohio to serve as an expert presenter at a ground breaking conference; The ICA 21st Annual Council on Fitness & Sports Health Sciences National Symposium on Natural Fitness with Keynote Arnold Schwarzenegger.



Magic Happens Foundation Bridges the Gap Between Animal Therapy and Fitness for Cancer Treatment

Countless studies have been done on the benefits of animal therapy and cancer treatment. MHF is the pioneer of combining fitness and animal therapy to enhance the life of cancer patients.

MHF has created a way to help patients going through treatment empower themselves and bring spirit to their lives in a special way. Our Canine Magic Makers keep children and adults active and alive during treatment in enjoyable and fun ways even if they can’t have pets of their own.

Meet Scout, our official mascot and first therapy animal on board with the foundation. She is registered with the United Service Animal Registry.  Daniella and Scout will be heading things up on Long Island, NY in this exciting new division.

Magic Happens Foundation Canine Therapy Program

Magic Happens Foundation Canine Therapy Program