Magic Happens & The Breadth Within Announces Specialized Yoga Class for Those in Cancer Treatment

Magic Happens is pleased to announce our yoga therapy class

In a serene, inspiring atmosphere, classes offer patients relief, support and inspiration for healing during treatment. An important goal from evidence-based research, is to teach self-regulating techniques that can relieve the distressing side effects of treatment and improve sleep, mood, and coping.

Benefits Yoga include:
• Reducing muscle tension and habituated tension patterns
• Promoting self-healing and functional improvements
• Decreasing anxiety and depression
• Improving overall health and feelings of well being
• Reducing neuropathy and lymphedema
• Improving sleep
• A sense of empowerment and centering during an uncertain time

 Participants of the class can expect the following:
• A safe and gentle Yoga experience designed to meet all students’ individual needs as much as possible
• Friendly, welcoming environment that encourages community building
• Body awareness and breathing practices
• Slow, gentle movements to improve blood flow, range of motion, and flexibility in joints and muscles.
• Explanation of the physiological benefits
• Guided relaxation practices
• Meditation practices

Leading our class is Linda Fuller a Certified Yoga Therapist, Cancer Exercise Specialist, Reiki Master and Sounder Sleep Teacher.

The Breadth Within is located at
The Waterfront at Roslyn
55 Lumber Road
Suite #360
Roslyn, NY 11576
(516) 953-4021





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